Jewelry Availability and Sales
PLEASE READ - JEWELRY ITEMS: Each and every piece of jewelry displayed at CARLAPENNIE.COM was designed by Carla Pennie, a living, breathing, jeweler and metalsmith. Each piece is hand made, and one-of-a-kind. Customers can be assured that photos at CARLAPENNIE.COM were taken of real, finished pieces. However, some items displayed at CARLAPENNIE.COM may have sold, or may no longer be available for purchase. Carla Pennie reserves the right to inform interested customers, without prior notice and independent of CARLAPENNIE.COM, any changes and/or discrepancies in description, price and/or availability.
Personal Privacy
PLEASE READ - RRIVACY: We respect your personal privacy. If you decide to communicate with us by providing an email address or telephone number WE WILL RETAIN this information in a private, secure and confidential manner. WE WILL NOT sell or distribute this information to ANYONE, but CARLAPENNIE.COM owners and employees, without your WRITTEN PERMISSION. We are not in the business of distributing your personal information to ANYONE for ANY REASON. On occasion, we do offer our customers additonal services that require email communication, such as email notices on promotional items. If we provide you with additional sales or promotional information via email, WE WILL ASK YOU FOR YOUR PERMISSION beforehand. By submitting information via the electronic form at WWW.CARLAPENNIE.COM/CONTACT you ARE NOT automatically enrolled in any additional SALES or PROMOTIONAL material. For some of its extended functionality, CARLAPENNIE.COM does use COOKIES. We do this to better serve our customers at our website. WE DO NOT use cookies to collect or distribute personal information IN ANY MANNER. If you have further concerns or questions regarding the use of your personal information when placing an order or making an inquiry at WWW.CARLAPENNIE.COM please contact us at: